Galway, A friend in deed

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”

Sept 5th, 2015, I am standing on New Delhi International Airport to board my flight to Dublin. I have never been outside of India before, so there are nervousness all around my mind where my heart says its going to be great. Just few days before my journey, I have read the news of Galway being named as friendliest city in the world and I don’t know why I kept smiling for the rest of the day. I passed the security check and boarded the plane with thought of let the ship go and see world, So it did.

Next morning, I landed in Dublin and by evening I was in Galway. No city denies to accept you when you reach to it, but Galway accepts with open heart. I have read and heard a lot of things about Galway, but It has always surprised me with its generosity and politeness. I was new and trying to figure out ways to live, to commute and to enjoy the city. I went out to figure out routes to university as the classes were starting from the very next morning. At heart of the city, Eyre square, I inquired about route to university and after knowing that I am new here, a gentleman spent 5 minutes in drawing map on paper and making me understand the route and I was thinking, No wonder, why its the friendliest city in the world. I thanked him and moved forward, reached over the amazing Corrib river and had Galway Cathedral just in front of me. How beautiful evening it was.

I haven’t had sleep since last 36 hours, but the joy this city has filled me with, couldn’t let me feel even gist of being tired, so I approached towards the University. It was a proud and overwhelming feeling that now I am also part of this university where old Heritage, Quadrangle and modern architecture building standing tall & together to welcome and shape the new generation. In fact, its the beauty of Ireland, where the heritage of science and advancements of technology work together for a better and sustainable future. I went back, slept peacefully and was happy to meet the new friend, Galway.

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