A change

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

I don't know who said this line, but its good to know that people can relate things so well. In my life, i like to relate things rather than comparing things. Now when i relate my life, i don't find much similarity in my life with what it was few months back. A huge college group shattered into just three room-mates. Now there is no hostel to enjoy,no mess table for discussion, no classes to bunk.we can't blame any more to lab equipment for the failure of a java program execution.

"Your choice is your half chance" and We are here by our choice. Its 9:30 AM, I found myself very neutral  Standing in the National Capital with two of my best friends, rajesh and deepak. We have always been a very good support for each other. After a long day journey and with a good amount of luggage we 3 idiots are here in Delhi, yeah 3 idiots, thats what we used to be called by our batch. But now there is no one to call us by that.

I count my college days as a long holiday, so now i need to make myself realize that boss holidays are over, get back to school. We made our self settled at a friend's place. Name is Mukesh, a good soul and a cool human.We have shifted our self completely to a new city and it never bothered us, just because we have a good friend here or its something else. In any ways I know that friends make things much easier for you.

No city is perfect and neither any city denies to accept you when you reach to it.I have been to Delhi earlier but i always came with a return ticket into my pocket. With the sunshine and pleasant air of this city a careless college boy have to turn into a professional rather i'll say a formal guy who already told his dad not to send money to him anymore. So things are serious, so am i. Next morning, I was again wearing the same thing that I hate most, "Formals" but started new phase of my life with three magical words "Bring it on..!!".

I know i got enough strength to face, to live and to compete with this city but i got two things to care about now, residing inside me, an idea and a change that may lead me to somewhere very close to where i want to see myself.


seems like you are talking to the audience and your inner self by the same time. nicely written...


bus kar bhai ab rulayega kya...


arre nahi bhai abhi to humare hasne khelne k din hain..!!


yes sir.."Life is like a bicycle"..well written note sir..wishing u all the best for ur brighten future sir g :)


Good writing skills bro... keep it up...
d way u narrate is awsm... catch-eve...feel lyk reading again & again :)


thanx for the appreciation bro..!!


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