A Step

"My interest is in the future, because I'm going to spend the rest of my life there."

My last blog, A decision. An idea turned out into a decision. I don't write quite often now. I do when i think that this is the time to summarize the last span of my life, i just spent. It was an important one. I think i have made the last span count and memorable.When I look around i find every one is so busy in building his/her career, so i thought to do  something different. I thought lets build a meaningful life rather than a career. Memories make life meaningful, so i thought to have more of them. You make memories when you do something different, I know this because, whether i go to office for one day or one year, memories will remain the same. I believe that, In our life we get at least one chance to achieve what we dream and desire for. So without thinking too much, I stepped out of my comfort and dreams to taste the real world.I feel like standing at a place where there is no heaven above and no hell below, Its only sky out there.

Its hard if we think and easy if we try. So i thought to keep it simple and easy.It was a time to take a step.I was not in a position to explain it to any one, what i am going to do? why am i doing this? how it will look like? How it'll benefit me? Am i planning to quit my job? Will i be able to generate money by this? what if it fails? what if i fail? Whose idea is this? How will you do that? Are you serious? Is this what you came here for? I was busy making my choices as php over java, mysql over oracle, linux over windows. So didn't care about these questions.I just kept quite with focus on what my thoughts will get form into. I Dream big and dare to fail. Nothing left to care about.

I started building my dream. There were fights to be fought and still there are many left out.People fight either for survival or success.I am fighting for success and my definition of success is my peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing, I did my best to become the best I am capable of becoming. I want to give this world a reason to find me out and say, Good job. The memorable journey has begun,I am adding miles and miles in it and adding people as well. All I want to say at the end, "It was fun."


Best Line:
" The memorable journey has begun,I am adding miles and miles in it and adding people as well"

Keep it up !

You make me proud every second.
Just sitting beside you feels great.
I feel life.

Dreaming BIG, seems to simple !

Isn't it ? :D :D :D :D


well said Navdeep... simple and easy :)


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