A decision

“A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.” 

I don't know who said this line but i know what it means.I have always been talking about what i don't want to do with my life but am I clear with what i really want to do with my life? Now, i am. Delhi is just like any other busy city. I can't expect Delhi or any other person to turn my dreams into reality. I can easily settle down into my comforts trying to maintain a high living standard irrespective of my pay and complaining about the situation of either mine or of the city or of the country. I can sit down and carry on with the comparison between what i wanted and what i got in my life. No one is going to come and tell me that dude, your life isn't over yet. Its never late and time is just an excuse that we always give to hide our disability to get something we want. I belong to only myself so do my dream. 

I am carrying A thought, A change and An idea. I decided to work over my idea, my dream. I know, I am going to enjoy it because that's all i wanted to do. So i choose to measure myself once again.I need to know whether i can only write about my dreams on blogs or i am capable enough to achieve it. I want myself to be irreplaceable at least in my life. May be i'll fall down may be i'll fall down hardly, but i know that i never stopped my game in between since childhood,I'll finish it my way.Just One rule, "Fly,Run,walk or crawl but keep moving". 

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else and i know that but I have faith on my dream, I just need to be possibilistic rather being optimistic to make right decisions. Its all about how badly you need something in your life, Its all about how persistent you can be in your efforts and its all about your love and respect for your dream, for your decision and for your life. Do believe me, try your self at least once with all power you got inside to achieve what you want in your life, because life doesn't give second chance to every one. Think twice, Try Once...!!


Nice one... i believe u .. Think twice, Try Once...
hapy to u writing :)
hope for more...blogs in future !!


A nice write up.

Forces us to think a lot more.


hope to think and do as well..!!


nice blog navdeep hope you and readers bring it into their life and fulfill there dreams.. all the very best...


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