An idea

I was in Hyderabad. Just completed my Masters and started my career with some hopes and faith to grow that too in IT.16 July, 2012, I started my career with a very reputed Indian IT company and Since i was among the toppers of my training batch of around 200 people,I got the opportunity to choose my stream that was an obvious decision in face of java, not because i was good in it, just because  i was familiar with it.After a week passed, I came to know that i have been allocated to Delhi as per my given preferences.

"A very good beginning means half of the things are done", I don't know who said this but I was taking this to my concern,as it was a very good beginning of my career. Three weeks passed, I was leading a team of seven, though I never wanted this, but no one asked me.A month passed,Every thing was going smooth. It was Aug 31, 2012.It doesn't matter how much you earn but the feeling for the first earned money stays same for everyone.yes, I got my first salary. So much of dreams are to be fulfilled but kept on hold as my Debit card got blocked as i have not initiated some confirmation process.

Bunch of new friends, half of them were good and rest were very good.Friends, work, university, Home, company, weekends, java, project, team outings and so on, among all these one common thing resides in my mind as it links to me somewhere. It was an idea, till that time it was at its scratch. Udit seeded this idea to my mind. He wanted me to think about it.He was one of my best friend working in an IT company in New Delhi.He was also one of the reason, I opted Delhi as my work location.

About this idea, It somewhere relate itself to our own education system. Schools are on hit, i guess. obviously school days are the best part of every one's life.All of us carries good memories,thoughts and friends to our life ahead from school days. So for me, its quite hard to think that where were we lacking in our education system.

Things were going quite perfect. I have completed my three months training and all set to leave for Delhi but i was leaving Hyderabad. Whoever you are, Hyderabad will leave an impact if you come closer to it. An awesome and decent place to live your life. Oct 14, 2012, I started for Delhi and came out of city of pearls.


An idea no matter..hw small it may be..hw useless you think it is..hw impossible you think it is...if implemented with all the passion and enthusiasm can do wonders...and dats what you gonna do..The world will see one day ..


Nicely depicted.
Keep up the good work.




wish u success in future...
seeing a lead of IT in u :P


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